Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Evening

Holy God,

On this day my feet have wandered a long and windy path. I have had moments when it seems that the way before me was so clear that could almost hear your Spirit in my ear, directing my ways. I've had times when I seem to have forgotten that I am a Christian at all, mindlessly worshipping self and and pursuing my own goals rather than your kingdom. I have wandered a strange and narrow road, peering over the edge and forgetting your eternal realm.

This land seems so foreign at times, as though I don't know your plans for me any better than I know my own self. Open my eyes, Lord, that your glory may be clear to me. I seem to wander in the mire more often than not, convinced that I know and understand the way forward when the truth is that I must kneel before your throne before I can ever take a proper step on the path of true life. You are all that is holy and proper, all that is wondrous and gracious. In you and you alone is Truth and Life.

May this night bring rest, so that I may wake tomorrow with clarity in mind and purpose in heart, certain that serving you is truly the goal of my each and every blessed moment.

Thanks, God. For everything.


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