Monday, March 22, 2010

The Hurt Locker

Rachel and I finally watched it! We had The Hurt Locker at home for a good three weeks before finally taking the time to sit down and watch it. We knew that it wouldn't be the most uplifting movie, and we had a hard getting excited about. We actually had it before it won the award for best picture, and even when it won we didn't rush out and watch it. It took us a while.

I was glad we did. It's an amazing movie, even if it is hard to watch at times. We both agreed that for a movie about war, it didn't feel violent. The violence that is in this movie is not graphic, and there is only one scene that made Rachel squirm, and even I wasn't enjoying it too much!

I am most grateful for this movie in the way that it makes one feel grateful to those who make the sacrifice to go and serve their countries. I can't imagine the challenge of making a movie over such a controversial war, but I thought this one was excellent in that it portrays the reality of the brutality of war while still reminding us that these soldiers are humans caught up in this thing, most of whom just want to return home.

I can't imagine serving in Iraq. What a mixture of emotions, of brutality, of violence. Peace is nowhere to be found, and it is to be suspected when it is found. Every pile of trash is a suspect, and each street corner could be fatal. The soldiers are so high strung, and each situation so impossible to determine.

I am grateful for their service. This movie helped me appreciate what they are going through. For that reason alone it is worth watching.

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