Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To an Angel who is New

In this tragic masterpiece, Arno Bohlmeijer has composed a diary of his time in hospital after a tragic car accident that has left him immobilized, his wife brain-dead and his two daughters injured. To an Angel who is New left me sitting in the car dealer, waiting for my new tires, weeping.

Don't read this book unless you are ready to explore the depths of human sorrow and the struggle of a man fighting his own body while knowing his wife is fighting the same battle in a losing effort. The entire community surrounds them with love, and Bohlmeijer battles through, struggling to know how best to cope while helping his daughters heal. There isn't an easy page of this book, but there is such depth that I almost want to apologize for treading on sacred ground. The beautiful thing is that Bohlmeijer invites us in, to share in his pain and his journey, and my life is the richer for being a part of it.

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