Monday, August 31, 2009

The Scots Confession, Chapter VII


Why the Mediator Had to Be True God and True Man

We acknowledge and confess that this wonderful union between the Godhead and the humanity in Christ Jesus did arise from the eternal and immutable decree of God from which all our salvation springs and depends.


Thanks be to God that Jesus Christ was fully human and fully divine. Why? We know that he understands us completely. He understands our sorrow, our broken hearts, our tears and temptations. He knows what it is like to have a body that breaks down, to have a spirit that can be depressed. He understands our weakness. Because Jesus was fully human, we can call upon him and know that he understands us completely. He has been there, and because of that, we know we can trust him.

But had he been merely human, he could not have saved us. Only because he was truly divine was he able to resist temptation. Only because he was fully divine was he able to fully defeat the powers of death and temptation and lead the sinless life. The fullness of the divinity that dwells within him allows him to be our savior and our friend, our comforter and our strength.

Because of this mystery of Christ as fully human and fully divine, we have a Savior who is reliable, who is compassionate, who is stronger and wiser than we can ever be, but who knows what it feels like to have tears pour down his face at the death of a friend. Thanks be to God for God's infinite wisdom!

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