Monday, April 18, 2016

1 Peter 1:8-12

1 Peter 1:8-12
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  What brings you happiness and joy?  I was watching the kids chase bubbles last night, and it was astounding to see the joy that bubbles brought them.  They laughed and giggled until they couldn't stand up anymore.  I couldn't help but wonder how many conflicts could be solved by watching kids chase bubbles.
  Does salvation bring us this kind of joy?  Are you glad and happy that God reached down from heaven so that you could spend eternity with him, so that your sins might be forgiven and you would have redemption and hope in the person of Jesus Christ?  Does that kind of joy guide your every passing day?
  To teach us about this salvation, prophets were writing thousands of years ago -- not for their audience, Peter tells us, but for you.  God has been at work for centuries so that you might see his hand in history, so that you might read and understand the fullness of the love of God.  God loves you and would move heaven and earth to bring you into his eternal kingdom.
  May that thought bring you joy.

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