Tuesday, April 5, 2016

James 4:1-3

James 4:1-3
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

 No one has relationship problems because they are too driven to serve the other.  No one complains when someone else is too eager to serve them.  Selflessness is rarely the cause of dispute.
  So often, our relationship problems are driven by selfishness.  We want something, be it a physical good or attention or time, and when we don't get it, there is conflict.  The person who refuses to give whatever is desired is often tied up in selfishness as well -- there are conflicting desires, and these desires drive a wedge between people.
  So how do we conclude this situation?  We fight and argue, and that makes everything better.  If all else fails, we scream at each other, because that always improves the situation.
  Jesus demonstrated how to love one another -- through selfless acts of service.  In consistently serving others, he modeled what loving relationships should look like.  We should be thinking of how we can serve the other.  On the cross, Jesus showed us how far God is willing to go to serve the relationship, to heal the other.
  How far will we go in our relationships?  Will we serve with all we have?

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