Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Acts 22:22-29

Acts 22:22-29
English Standard Version (ESV)

  So here is Paul, about to be whipped, when he mentions that he is a Roman citizen, and he is snatched from the peril into which he was about to be cast.  In this case, his identity protects him from suffering in this way.
  In the same way, when we become Christians and accept the love and grace and salvation of Jesus Christ, we are freed from the suffering that comes with the fear of death and sin.  We don't have to fear the power of sin anymore -- it is broken, because our future is decided by Christ, who is stronger than sin and death.  We are joined to the strongest force in the universe, and he has promised to never let us go.  Who can threaten us and bring us fear?  What force can cause us to tremble, when the Lord our God is for us, is with us, and will never leave us?
  May we wisely cling to Christ, trusting that he is stronger than our fears and devoted to our cause.

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