Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Acts 22:30-23:5

Acts 22:30-23:5
English Standard Version (ESV)

  I can't imagine that I'd fare that well under persecution and arrest. Paul is so confident in his position as saved by grace through faith that it doesn't seem to phase him -- he knows his role and he knows what his future is, and he's determined to live out his days serving Christ, no matter how obstacles are in his way.
  We spend our lives searching for our identities -- we bounce back and forth between being children and employees and parents and friends and neighbors, and each of these roles asks something a little different of us, and we often change shape as we go from role to role  Our faith can become another hat we wear.  What's different for Paul is that faith is the only hat that he wears, the central part of his being, and it defines how he lives in every other part of his life.  He has one identity, and it guides his every word and thought and interaction.  His life is captive to his faith.
  So remember today, I pray, that you are a child of God.  You are destined for eternity.  You are loved and treasured by God.  Be grateful that God came to save you, and was willing to pay any price to do so.  Nothing will change that, and your responsibility today is to accept that grace.  Don't forget that today -- cling to that fact, and see how your day is different.  I bet it will uplift your spirit and help bring you true and lasting joy.

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