Friday, May 27, 2016

May 27

Good morning --
  Moving is disruptive.  It's hard to change -- we get comfortable, and then we continue doing what feels normal, even if we know it isn't the best path forward.  It's like the proverbial road sign in Alaska that warns us to 'Choose our rut carefully, because we'll be in it for the next 100 miles'.  
  Rachel and I have been forced to disrupt our lives, and in many ways, I'm grateful for the opportunity.  I've had so many intentions over the years of modifying my behaviors, of being more intentional about being guided by the presence of the Holy Spirit.  When I step back and think about it, the God of the universe, the one who holds and sustains the stars in his hands, is seeking me out, knocking on the door of my soul and hoping that I might make him the most important thing in my life.  How do I respond?  Often with indifference, as though speaking to my Creator is not worth bothering with. 
  I know in my head by behavior is ignorant at best, but I don't put change into motion, and so this disruptive move is an opportunity for change.  It's also a reminder to examine regularly my ways of being, through prayer and silence, to ensure that my heart is focused on first things first, and I'm seeking to make every thought captive to Christ.  
  We'll get back to Scriptural devotions on Tuesday.  I pray you all have a Memorial Day weekend that is filled with a constant awareness of the presence and grace of God.

In Christ,

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