Tuesday, November 8, 2016

John 20:11-18

John 20:11-18
English Standard Version (ESV)

  I think everyone has had the sensation of searching for a pair of glasses, only to discover they are on your head.  I once thought someone had ran off with my wallet when in fact I was holding it in my hand.  Any more, we often panic because our phone isn't in our pocket, even if it's on the table next to us.  We grow accustomed to things being in certain places.
  With Jesus, we often wonder where he is.  In reality, Jesus never forsakes us, but he often shows up in ways that we might not expect.  We mistake his presence for something or someone else, and we wonder why Jesus isn't near, when in fact he couldn't be any closer, we just miss it for one reason or another.  Often it is because we are expecting something else -- the problem isn't with Jesus, but rather with our expectations.
  Mary expected Jesus to be dead.  Instead, he was very much resurrected.  Life had taken the place of death.
  And so Christ comes to us, very much alive and dynamic and asking much of us.  Christ is with us, always, but sometimes we have to tune our lives and hearts to hear him calling us in new ways.  He knows you by name, and calls you as the unique child of God that you are.

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