Thursday, November 10, 2016

John 20:24-31

John 20:24-31
English Standard Version (ESV)

 Much ink has been spilled over the results of the election.  Many media members who spent months getting it wrong are now explaining what the election means.  Many others are lamenting what might be in the future.  Still others are celebrating what is seen as a new era in politics.  A great many are in the middle, wondering what happens next, unsure of exactly what the road ahead now looks like.  It's a strange few days in American life.
  In uncertain times, we tend to grasp for whatever certainty we can find.  We look for comfort, for assurance that all will be well.  We need some greater truth to remind us that there is a rock in the midst of turbulent times.
  Thomas, too, was uncertain.  While there was talk of resurrection, he couldn't believe such a thing could be true until the risen Christ was standing before him.  He refused to accept anything less than concrete evidence.
  In these uncertain times, may the reality of the resurrection guard your heart and mind.  May we each believe that the church, the bride of Christ, will thrive regardless of whatever happens in the world around us.  When we cling to the eternal Word of God, we invest ourselves in a Kingdom that has no end, in a Kingdom that will not be brought down by swirling landscapes that change with the political winds.  We are sinners who have been saved, and the Good News of our salvation should be a constant joy and secure anchor in our lives.

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