Thursday, March 16, 2017

Acts 5:27-32

Acts 5:27-32
English Standard Version (ESV)

  Have you ever looked closely at a quilt and followed how the weaver has worked a thread all the way through?  Or maybe you've watched a jet plane leave a contrail all the way across the sky.
  I greatly admire the courage Peter shows here in proclaiming his allegiance to God rather than the laws of men, no matter the cost, but it's also worth noting that throughout his testimonies and declarations, he is always weaving the Gospel thread into his conversations, issuing an invitation to the listener to hear more about the love of God.  Peter's mind is fixed on the Gospel, and whatever he is saying, whomever he is saying it to, Peter wants the invitation of Christ to be clear.
  This is instructive for us.  We have so many interactions throughout our days.  Will you pray for the message of the Gospel to be woven into our conversations?  Will you look for opportunities to tell of the story of Christ?  It's about having a mind that is always looking for ways to share the story -- this isn't easy, and it takes work, but maybe, just maybe, the Holy Spirit can use our everyday words to share the love of God and invite others to come and see.

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