Monday, March 27, 2017

Acts 7:30-34

Acts 7:30-34
English Standard Version (ESV) 

  What do you suppose Moses was thinking about for 40 years?  I can't imagine that he went into the wilderness with the sheep every day looking for divine intervention, waiting for God to do something dramatic.  At a certain point, he probably settled into a routine and simply took care of the sheep, long past the point of expecting God to do something dramatic in his life.  But God was still at work, still preparing, still moving.
  It's so strange to me to read the New Testament passages that talk about the urgency of discipleship.  The disciples all thought the end of the world would come any day, that Jesus would return straightaway.  After a while, they probably stopped waiting for dramatic action, stopping staring into the heavens and waiting for them to open.  They probably got on with life.  But God was still at work, still preparing, still moving.
  In our lives, we get on with the every day routines of life.  Most of us have long ago stopped waiting for the dramatic, because simply expect every day to be like the last  We forget about God's dynamic history, about how God has used people in every age to spur revival.  We forget to pray with a sense of wonder, and our hearts harden to the reality of God on the move in new ways, breathing life into old bones.  We grow accustomed to our routines and rituals, and we forget about the power of the Spirit moving among and within us.
  But God is still at work, still preparing, still moving.  My prayer for you today is that you might go into the world with the eyes of your heart open to the possibilities of God at work in the world into which you go.

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