Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Acts 7:1-8

Acts 7:1-8
English Standard Version (ESV) 

 One popular question in job interviews is 'tell me about yourself'.  At that moment, it's probably not best to start with your infancy and work your way to the modern day.
  When we tell the story of the Gospel, of God's liberating love, we have a choice to make.  Sometimes, we need to sum it up, to simply tell the story of how Christ died for sins so that we may have hope in him.
  Other times, though, we need to tell the whole story.  And that story doesn't begin in John 1 -- it begins in Genesis, with a God who creates out of pure and selfless love, with a God who is reaching out from the beginning, reaching out to include, to welcome others into his eternal love.  God doesn't decide in the New Testament to offer forgiveness and love -- it's a part of the whole story, the whole mission of God, to love in a way we can barely comprehend, so that we might be included in the Kingdom of God, wrapped up in his love and in a bigger story than we can imagine.
  You are a part of the story, so when you tell your own story, feel free to start with Abraham, with how God reached out to him in love, and how you are now a part of that amazing legacy.

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