Thursday, April 27, 2017

Acts 11:1-10

Acts 11:1-10
English Standard Version (ESV)

  A community is a gift.
  So often we're trying to figure out what God is doing or how God is leading us.  On our own, we're left tossing questions back and forth in our minds.  In community, however, we receive the treasured gift of friends who are willing to engage in the discernment process with us, listening to what God is calling us to do, asking tough questions and helping us arrive at a better understanding of how God is on the move.
  Alone, it's a challenge to perceive the work of the Spirit.
  In community, we have others to confirm or correct what we think God is up to.
  So find a faith community, one that strengthens and encourages and challenges you, and dive in, with a willingness to be vulnerable and to help others hear how God is on the move!

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