Thursday, April 6, 2017

Acts 8:26-30

Acts 8:26-30
English Standard Version (ESV)

  I love solving other people's problems.  It's always refreshing to have the chance to tell other people how to fix their lives.  Plus, when I spend time solving other people's problems, I don't have to worry about my own.
  The Christian church has, in its history, often been great at solving the problems of others.  The church hasn't always approached society with humility in heart, ready to listen and love selflessly.  The church often comes with a solution before stopping to hear what the problem might be.
  It would have been easy for Philip to show up at the chariot with a solution.  Philip has seen a lot, and he knows that Jesus is the answer.  He could have showed up and just started preaching at the Ethiopian until he relented.
  Instead, he shows up with a question, willing to listen, there to help.  He asks first, listens first, and only then begins to speak.  He's willing to be humble and start where the Ethiopian is, rather than simply barging in with what he presumes to be the right answer.

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