Thursday, April 13, 2017

Acts 9:26-31

Acts 9:26-31
English Standard Version (ESV)

  Imagine there's a powerful king, so rich and isolated from the world that there's no way you could come before him and plead your case.  How grateful would you be if someone on the king's court took in interest in your case and brought you to make your case before the king himself?
  In Jesus Christ, we have an advocate who intercedes for us.  Even though we have no case to make for our innocence, Jesus cleanses us from our sin and makes it possible for us to stand before God in the throne room of heaven.  We are cleansed and covered in his righteousness.  We are pure because we are in him.
  When was the last time you were an advocate for someone else?  Here, Barnabas is an advocate for Paul, sticking his neck out and risking his reputation by standing up for what he believes in.
  I think that Christians often avoid sticking our necks out for anyone else.  We are comfortable and often isolated from the world, and we leave problems to others.  We don't risk our safety or comfort for anyone else.  In today's world, we sign an online petition or 'like' something on Facebook, but we don't get involved.
  Christ calls us to intercede for others, especially those without a voice of their own.  We are called to get involved, to get our hands dirty in other people's lives, to join in their struggles and joys and to share what we have.

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