Friday, June 9, 2017

Acts 16:11-15

Acts 16:11-15
English Standard Version (ESV)

  Lydia is an interesting model of discipleship.  Here she is, financially successful and a worshiper of God.  She's doing well.
  And yet, God has a next step for her.  She may be comfortable, thinking that she has it all figured out, but God intervenes through Paul's preaching and calls her to another level of discipleship.  She's called deeper into community, deeper into faith, called to give even more of herself to the church.
  If you go hiking, you're always grateful to get to a level spot after a tough uphill section.  You appreciate the chance to rest your weary legs.  But to give up then, staying at the plateau, means missing out on the views from the mountaintop.
  In the same way, our walk of discipleship often calls us to ascend touch climbs, pouring ourselves into our walk with Christ as we go deeper and deeper.  God is always calling us forward, not to wear us out, but because he wants to invite us into the abundant life.  God calls us deeper for our own good, and he wants us to join him at the mountaintop, to join in the beautiful community of the Trinity.

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