Monday, June 26, 2017

Acts 18:1-11

Acts 18:1-11
English Standard Version (ESV)

  How persistent are you?
  Here's Paul, who travels the known world proclaiming the Gospel, hated and reviled at most stops, occasionally thrown in jail.  He has his life threatened, and yet time after time he returns to preaching the Gospel.  It's not something he does when he can -- it's part of who he is.  His identity is wrapped up in what Jesus Christ has done for him, and he can't not talk about it.  He's compelled to engage in debate, even when it leads him to dangerous places, because he believes this is a message that the entire world needs to hear.
  And so he keeps going back, unafraid to risk his life, because his life is caught up in what God is doing.  When he is opposed and reviled here, he went elsewhere, but he continued to preach the Gospel, continued to invite others to experience the grace and love of Jesus Christ.  And when opportunities presented themselves, he stayed -- for 18 months here! -- and preached the Good News, teaching and preaching and showing and loving, so that all may know the Gospel.
  So we, too, are invited to live within the Gospel, to show up day after day and look for how God is at work, watching and waiting to see what God has in store for us, loving our friends and neighbors and enemies, telling others of how good God is.  You're part of the story.  When opposition arises, how will you respond?  Will you look for other avenues, continuing to show up?  Will you search for those who haven't heard?

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