Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Acts 17:10-15

Acts 17:10-15
English Standard Version (ESV) 

  The Word spreads throughout the known world.  3,000 years ago, who would have predicted that the Gospel could spread as it did, like wildfire across the prairie, racing around the known world through the passionate proclamation of the apostles and disciples?  It's a miracle to think of how the Gospel spread from Jerusalem to Rome and beyond.  The Holy Spirit was using ordinary people to deliver an extraordinary message to a vast audience.
  Fast forward to today, and the cacophony of the world is deafening to a message of humility and servitude.  The Gospel calls us to selflessness in the face of a world that preaches the gospel of self.  We are called to lay ourselves down in a world where we build monuments to ourselves through our social media platforms.
  But just as there was fertile soil then through the work of the Holy Spirit, God is still alive and on the move today.  God is calling people to live out the Gospel, to proclaim the love of God, and to share the message of grace and peace with all the world.  It's not an easy call, but we are all part of how God is calling us to live -- as missionaries in the world, caught up in God's work, focused on others before we focus on ourselves.

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