Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Morning

O Lord,

In your Word I find comfort. I am reminded of the depth of your love and the wealth of your wisdom. I know I am written in the palm of your hand and loved more deeply than I can imagine. I am treasured, safe and beloved.

In your Word I find challenge. I am confronted with the image of Christ, calling me to leave the trappings of the world behind and follow him. I come face to face with prophets throughout the ages who speak a difficult word to my comfort and ease. I am a follower, asked to pick up my cross.

In your Word I find community. I am not alone in my struggles to rise to your challenge. I am not the first to need comfort. Peter and Daniel, David and Paul all had their struggles, and you blessed and loved them still. Their stories are a part of mine, and I praise you for your infinite wisdom, endless mercy, and compassionate love.


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