Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday Morning

Holy God,
You speak, and worlds begin.
You listen, and save your people.
You love, and death is defeated.
You have such awesome power, such amazing grace, such deep wisdom. Surely the stars testify to your greatness. Surely the width and breadth of the heavens are a testament to your creative powers. Surely the smallest tree is beloved by you.
You, O God, are bigger than we know, and yet you have created and love each one of us. Your love extends from before the moment you have called us into being to well after our death.
As you hold us in your hands, empower us to love one another. To truly love one another with the kind of selfless love you show. TO be your people and speak a word of grace, live an act of love and come together to worship you.
I love you.

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