Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Morning, 4/5/2010

Thank you, Lord, for Easter.

It can be an exhausting day, but it is covered in grace.  From the first moments, when we gather to watch the sunrise, to the last, when I lay down my head and marvel at what it means to be saved, I am thrilled by your grace.

I try to understand what it all means, but I am swimming, lost without the ability to understand.  I am humbled by your power, by your wisdom.

I bow low before you, Lord, and pray that you might open my eyes, that I might see the best way to live so that you are glorified, that I choose the things you would choose, that I love the way you do, that I serve the way a grateful man should.  Transform me, that I might reflect your grace and love.

I love you


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