Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Up in the Air

  Rachel and I recently watched Up in the Air, a movie about a fiercely independent George Clooney firing people.  The story is that simple, and yet intensely complicated.  It delves into the range of human emotions, from the effect independence has on us to how fiercely we guard our hearts from others.

  I wouldn't recommend this movie for children, as it contains nudity and plenty of adult language & situations, but in the end, as unsatisfying as it is, I was left contemplating how important our human connections/interactions are.  We are made to live in community, and it is not good for us to be alone, as tempting as it is sometimes.  Relationships are hard work, and they take energy and time and emotions, but they are so very worth it.  I have seen the way that the church works, and it is beautiful to see people leaning on one another, in good times and in bad.  I cannot imagine life as the way Clooney lives it in this movie, completely independent, seeing relationships as too complex to be worth it.  I thrive on relationships, on connections with others, and this movie underscores how important they are to us.

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