Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Morning

Glorious God,

  This world is so much bigger than I am.  I cannot grasp it in my mind, or understand the ways that it works.  I see joy and pain, and I wonder why some have so much more pain than others.  I pray for those in West Virginia, whom are captive to fear and filled with grief and mourning.  I wish I could pray for miracles, but even those seem beyond hope right now.  I pray that you will be present, that your Spirit will abide, that your love will comfort.  I pray for hope, for light in the darkness, for the love only you can give. 
  It seems almost too much to ask in overwhelming circumstances, and yet too little as well.  I feel powerless, so I pray that your power will fill this world, that we might know your love and truth.


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