Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Romans 12:9-13

Romans 12:9-13
English Standard Version (ESV)

  Think these commands could keep you busy for a while?  So often, we're focused on the negative aspects of what Scripture commands, and we forget about all the challenges the Bible offers up -- there are enough to keep us all busy for the rest of our lives.  Do you love all with affection?  Do you strive to outdo someone in showing honor?  Do you not rest in your zeal for honoring God, always looking for every possible opportunity to serve God?  Does your hope drive you to rejoice?  Do you give to those in need?
  It's a lot, and none of us get it completely right.  We all have room to grow, and yet we are each challenged to reach a little farther, to do a little more.  God calls us into a life of discipleship, and it's never easy, but we are to encourage one another to rise to the challenge and strive for the abundant life that serves and loves one another and, in so doing, honors God.

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