Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Romans 15:1-6

Romans 15:1-6
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  Paul's trying to bind together a community that is struggling with threats both internal and external.  He's encouraging them to bear with one another, even at times when we are trying each other's patience.  He's reminding us to hold on to hope, even in the face of insults and difficulties, for Christ enables us to persevere.  We do all things through Christ's strength, and when we lose sight of that, we strive to just make it on our own, without worrying about the community.
  However, when we focus on Christ, we forget our own anxieties, and this frees us up to serve and love our neighbors and our enemies.  When we love Christ more than ourselves, we aren't worried about whether we are good enough... we're worried whether others have come to know the amazing and life-changing love of God.

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