Friday, October 30, 2015

Romans 16:17-27

Romans 16:17-27
English Standard Version (ESV)

 Some people just like to cause problems, to bring up debates, to stir up an argument.  We all know these type of people, and in the church we struggle to deal with them, because we think we're supposed to be nice to everyone.
  Well, being nice isn't the goal -- to be a loving community, we occasionally need to confront behaviors.  We do this lovingly, with utmost concern about maintaining the community and focusing on Christ at the center, rather than worrying about egos or proving someone right or wrong.  It's not about me or you -- it's about the sake of the community, and so we stand up to behaviors that tear down, and together we let the Holy Spirit lead us forward, into a more abundant future, following the narrow path of discipleship that asks much of us, but also gives far more in return.

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