Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Romans 15:14-21

Romans 15:14-21
English Standard Version (ESV)

  Imagine living your life, as Paul chooses to live his, speaking of nothing other than what God has done for you.
  First of all, you'd have to have a very small ego, because you'd have to be willing to set aside the notion that it is you who is at the center of the meaning of life.  That's hard for me, to wrap my mind around the notion that I am not the most important thing.
  Before that, you'd have to have a full awareness of all that God has done for you.  You'd have to be amazed and awed that God freely chose to deliver you from sin and death and grant you life eternal, even though you were not worthy.
  This latter fact would drive the former, right?  An appropriate sense of awe for God and his mercy would motivate us to invest more time and energy in sharing the Good News of the Gospel.
  So may we focus on Christ and his saving work, and may we, in the process, be delivered from our self-centeredness, that our lives may be about Christ at work in us.

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