Thursday, June 9, 2016

2 Peter 3:5-9

2 Peter 3:5-9
Contemporary English Version (CEV)


 We spend a lot of time trying to teach our kids to be patient.  For Caleb, this means that if he has finished his dinner first, every 30 seconds he looks at us and says, "I'm waiting patiently."  He doesn't quite get the full picture of what it means to wait.
  I'm not sure we fully grasp the meaning of God waiting to return and bring creation to its fulfillment.  Isn't it amazing that the God of the universe is waiting to return so as to allow the most possible time for people to turn to him?  Our God is so patient and loves each and every individual so deeply that he isn't satisfied with most -- he wants all the people to have the chance to freely proclaim him as Lord and Savior.  God could have returned at any moment, but every little delay, while perhaps confusing to us, creates a window in which individuals turn to him and accept the gift of life-altering salvation.
  God is patient and kind.  So as we wait, may we not spend our time idly staring out the window waiting on God, but rather get busy and join him in his mission of spreading the love of Christ around the world.

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