Tuesday, June 28, 2016

John 4:1-6

John 4:1-6
English Standard Version (ESV) 

 So the passage tells us that Jesus had to pass through Samaria, but at the time, most Jews would have avoided Samaria.  It's that part of town where you just don't want to drive, so you structure your route to go around it, even if the most direct route takes you through it.  Jesus, however, had to go there.
  Jesus comes to the areas of our lives where there is need, where there is pain, even if they are so deeply hidden that we don't want to acknowledge them.  There are places in our hearts that we wall off, thinking they are too far gone even for Jesus.  We want to ignore the hurt that we have buried there.  Sometimes, people start to think that their entire life is such a mess that Jesus would want nothing to do with them, that he would make a point to avoid them, wandering around them to get to someone else.
  Jesus doesn't believe in lost causes.  Jesus doesn't believe there is anything or anyone too far gone, and he is willing to go to any length, travel any route, so that hurt and pain can be redeemed.  His death on the cross was an atonement for any and all who are willing to accept his grace and his Lordship, no matter what.  When Jesus comes to us in love, he comes to accept all of us, including our deepest sorrows and most tender parts.
  So don't pretend you have to put on a brave face before Jesus and act as though you have it all together.  Let us be honest and complete, acknowledging our sin and pain but receiving the grace that is greater and the love that is unconditional.  May we find healing and joy and hope and peace in the one that comes to save.

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