Thursday, June 16, 2016

John 1:19-28

John 1:19-28
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  Who are you?
  If a group of leaders showed up at your door and asked you to identify yourself, what would you say?  How do you define yourself?
  John, for his monumental place in history, had a pretty humble view of himself -- his role was to help others see the importance of this place and time.  He lived for others, and he lived for the glory of Christ.
  When you think of everything in your life, what defines you?  What do you look to for affirmation?  What are the primary things of importance in your life, and what do you see as your role?
  These are deep questions, but they are critical, I believe, if we are to come to a complete understanding of ourselves.  We can define ourselves based on our relationship with God and our relationship to those around us, understanding our role in relation to those we serve and love.  In doing so, we recognize with humility how much of life is a gift and we feel indebted to God and obliged to love one another, serving them with all we are, for our God has generously and graciously served us, and we are to pass this blessing along.  We have a role to play, and to live a life for our own glory is to leave a much smaller mark than God has intended for us to make.  In dedicating ourselves to proclaiming the glory of God and serving those around us, we prepare ourselves to participate in an eternal kingdom that is focused on selfless love and service.

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