Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Esther 6:1-5

Esther 6:1-5 
English Standard Version (ESV)

  People who say the Bible is boring are reading the wrong parts of the Bible!  The stories in here are amazing --  here we have Mordecai, who had done the king a favor a while ago and likely was long past expecting any reward for it.  The King can't sleep one night and is reminded of Mordecai's deed, and the king decides that it's past time that Mordecai receive some honor for his deed. 
  We also have Haman, a man with a massive ego.  He was angered by Mordecai's refusal to honor him, so he is working on having every Jew killed, and in the end of chapter 5 he had a massive gallows built, certain that he would take satisfaction in hanging Mordecai on it.  He shows up in the King's court, certain that he is about to be honored for his service to the king.  Hang on until tomorrow for a dramatic ending...
  This is a great reminder not to give up before the story ends.  Even when all seems dark, when it seems like the enemy will win, when the enemy is perhaps prematurely celebrating their victory, God is not finished yet.  Even when Jesus was in the grave, the story was not finished, and your story is not over yet -- God is still at work, and there is a story being written where you emerge triumphant, victorious.  So if you don't notice the signs that God is at work, be patient, and know that we aren't at the end of the story yet!

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