Thursday, March 12, 2020

James 2:8-13

James 2:8-13 
English Standard Version (ESV)

 If you're trying to keep a diet, is it a total failure if you have a cheat meal?  Or a cheat day?  Not really -- you can try again the next day.  That's the great thing about new year's resolutions -- you can always pick up next year.
  When it comes to sin, one single sin separates us from God.  Failing the law at a single point makes us guilty of all of it -- and we deserve condemnation.  We deserve condemnation under the entire law -- can you imagine the full weight of the law falling upon you? 
  It doesn't, because that's why Christ has come.  He has come so that we do not suffer the consequences of the Law.  We live, because someone else took the blame.  We cannot keep the law, but our imperfections do not doom us -- there is life, and abundant life, because someone else paid the price, in full, for free.
  What a gift.  What a marvelous gift.  Our entire life is not enough to express gratitude.  You have eternal life, for free, because you are infinitely loved.

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