Wednesday, September 30, 2009

God's Love is Like...

God's Love is Like...

a river

Have you ever stood on the banks of a river and tried to contemplate how much water is rushing by? Even when I see the actual number of gallons, I can't understand the sheer quantity of God's love. It's beyond what my mind can grasp.

Rivers don't stand still; they are in constant motion, moving tons of water downstream. God's love is like that. It is in constant motion, not allowing us to stray but staying with us, always clinging to us and surrounding us with immense, eternal love.

Have you tried to swim upstream? I believe that it is possible to turn away from the love of God, but God loves us so fiercely that it is very difficult simply due to the quantity and quality of God's redeeming and precious love. To refuse God is not an easy choice.

A river is moving towards something, the ocean or a lake. In the same way, God's amazing love is always moving towards the fullness of time, when all of creation will be redeemed. We are all blessed to be a part of this amazing journey towards creation's goal of full life in Christ.

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