Friday, August 26, 2016

John 10:22-33

John 10:22-33
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  If I tell you that I am the world's strongest man, it's an audacious claim, especially since I don't exactly look like a muscular guy.  But if I tell you this after demonstrating my other-worldly strength, you'd be more willing to believe me, even though I may not look the part.  Some people, however, would never be convinced, simply because I didn't fit their expectations of what a strong guy should look like.

  Jesus came as the Son of God, and he first demonstrated his power and authority through his miracles and teaching.  Many followed him, convinced by his acts and words that he was exactly who he said he was, even if they weren't exactly how such things can be true.  Other people were convinced from the start that it couldn't be true, and it didn't matter what Jesus did - they were never going to believe.  Their hearts were hardened by their own certainty, and the risks of believing were simply too great.

  So which group should we belong to?  The type who is certain that we understand how the world will work, or the group humble enough to believe without certainty?  Will we trust in the Spirit when we are called to love and serve, or will we wait until all questions are answered before venturing out in faith to serve God in new ways?  Will we take seriously the call of Christ to come and die, or will we grasp tightly onto our lives and our things, believing that we need more proof before we risk anything?

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