Friday, August 12, 2016

John 8:21-30

John 8:21-30
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  Think about verse 26 -- Jesus could say more to condemn us, but he chooses not to.  Instead, he offers grace.   There is unconditional forgiveness found in Christ, even though he knows of our guilt.
  I remember as a kid when I knew I had done something wrong.  It was even worse when I knew that my parents knew I had done something wrong -- I cringed, waiting for punishment, afraid of what was to come, knowing I deserved it.
  We can come before God like this, afraid of what might come, afraid of the punishment we deserve.  But thanks to Jesus Christ, we don't have to relate to God out of fear.  We can approach the throne of grace with boldness, knowing that Jesus Christ has left the comforts of heaven so that we might be free from the burden of sin and death.  He has removed our guilt from us, taking it upon ourselves, so that we might share the crown of righteousness that is rightfully his.  When God sees us, he sees us as the pure and spotless children that we are in Christ.  We are not filthy and covered in sin, even though we may feel that way.
  So may you be released from your guilt.  May you feel the freedom of Christ and revel in the joy of eternal life.

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