Tuesday, August 23, 2016

John 9:34-41

John 9:34-41
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  I don't know how many of us would ever say it so directly, but we probably act at times like the Pharisees here -- "Do you think you can teach us anything?"  We don't set out to have this attitude, it just develops over time.  We get set in our ways and are unwilling to be shaken out of our convictions.  We stop listening to things that challenge us, and we selectively opt for messages that keep us comfortable.
   Remember, the Pharisees didn't want to oppose the Messiah.  They didn't set out with the hope of becoming the arch-enemies of the Savior of the world.  They didn't grow up hoping to be the bad guys in the greatest story ever told.  They were trying the best way they knew to love and honor God.
  The problem was that they were so certain of what they knew that they were unwilling to let themselves be challenged.  They were unwilling to admit that they might be wrong, and they were over-committed to their certainties.  They thought they had the market cornered on religion, when in fact their hearts had drifted far from God.
  So let us wake every morning with a humility that drives us to confess our sin and depend on God, and may we go out into the world ready to be surprised, willing to love and serve all, trusting that God alone has all the answers.

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