Thursday, August 18, 2016

John 9:1-12

John 9:1-12
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

 I once attended a seminar where the leader described this man as the most honest man in the Bible.  He doesn't say much beyond the simple truth of what occurred -- he just describes what Jesus has done for him, and lets the evidence of his transformed life proclaim the rest.
  I think that we often feel intimidated because we don't know the perfect things to say.  This is further compressed because we hear the beautiful language of others and feel as though we'll never match such proclamation.  We let our fear of imperfect words keep us from saying anything.
  This man, he just tells the simple, straightforward truth.  He doesn't dress it up or try and embellish -- he simply tells the facts, and he lets his life speak where his words might not tell the whole story.
  What story does our life tell?  Does it match our words?  Does it point to Christ?  Could someone read the Gospel off its pages?
  Tough questions, but worth asking, I believe.  When the reality of our shortcomings confronts us, we are forced to recognize our reliance on grace and can only then grow in our trust of God.

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