Monday, August 29, 2016

John 10:34-42

John 10:34-42
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  When someone famous wants everyone to realize how important they are, what do they point to?  Their accomplishments -- they refer to what they have done and how great they are, and this is supposed to make us admire them.
  What does Jesus do?  He points to God.  He refers to Scripture.  When he does talk about his own actions, it is to confirm the will and strength of God, rather than himself.  Everything in his past has been to confirm the power of God working in and through him -- it's not about Jesus, but it's about glorifying God.
  Every day, we have a choice about whose kingdom we are going to contribute to -- we can join with what God is doing in his kingdom, or we can seek to strengthen the walls of our own.  One of these will last forever and will never know darkness, while the other will fade away in time.  In one, you will reign with Christ forever, and the last enemy will be destroyed.  The other will be buffeted over the years, with storms raging within and without, and you will often feel powerless.
  Which kingdom will reign in your heart today?

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