Thursday, May 4, 2017

Acts 12:6-11

Acts 12:6-11
English Standard Version (ESV)

  So God intervened when Peter was in jail, leading him out between sentries, dressing him and leading him through two guards and out the gate, and only then did Peter realize that God was at work.  The rest of us read this story and wonder just what Peter was thinking while he was being led out of jail.  He must have thought it was a dream, but God was at work, freeing Peter for ministry.
  In the same way, someone else might look at your life and see different ways God is at work.  They might look at what is happening and see the hands of God working, but we're often so close to the action and so emotionally tied up that we don't notice how God might be at work.  We wonder where God is, while others look at us and see God right in the midst of our lives.
  This is why it's important to be in community, to hear what others think God might be doing in our lives, and also why we need time for silence in our prayer lives, that we might hear just what God is up to and how God is leading us.

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