Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Acts 13:36-43

Acts 13:36-43
English Standard Version (ESV)

  We serve our kids pizza sometimes, and they get so excited they want pizza again the next night, and then the next night.  It's so good to them, they cannot wait until they try it again.  Rachel and I went out to eat on Sunday night, and we were commenting that if we had gone to that place on Saturday, we would have gone back on Sunday, because it was that good.  Unfortunately, our trip had ended and we had to go home.
  Here, the Gospel is proclaimed, and the people love the message so much that they are begging for it again the next Sunday.  They've been fed the Gospel truth, and they can't wait to have more.   They are eager.
  I think there are two things at work here.  The first is that God's Truth never gets old or stale -- the heart of the Gospel is always deeper than our faith maturity.  There's always more.  No matter how much we know or how long we have followed, we should be excited to hear more, to learn more, to draw closer to God.
  The second thing is that we need to recognize our true hunger.  So often we mask it by sating our appetites with lesser things, but it's important to remember that we are sinners and Christ is our needed Savior.  The reality of our redemption and new life in Christ should excite us, energize us, and draw us back to the Gospel day after day after day!

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