Thursday, May 18, 2017

Acts 13:44-52

Acts 13:44-52
English Standard Version (ESV)

  I'm always curious what the apostles talked about when they were between cities.  Surely there were days when they gathered around the water cooler and lamented the suffering they were going through, wondering if it was all worth it, wondering when the struggle would stop and people would realize the wisdom of accepting Christ as Savior, no matter how much of a challenge this might be to their current state of mind.
  But you don't get that feeling.  The Apostles were so single-minded that they kept going back, time after time, no matter how much abuse they took.  People rose up, threatened their lives, and they proclaimed the Gospel, because nothing else mattered as much as the Gospel did.  Above all else, Jesus Christ was Lord, and this good news needed to be told to everyone, everywhere, no matter the cost, even if that was their safety and security and their very lives.
  What's it look like for us to value Christ above all else?  What kind of security and false idols do we need to set aside to pursue Christ?  What are we called to risk?  Who are we called to share the Good News with?  What might we need to give up?
  These are hard questions that take a lifetime to answer, but its absolutely worth the pursuit.

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