Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Acts 13:26-35

Acts 13:26-35
English Standard Version (ESV)

  One of the things we talk with the kids about quite often is that their attitudes are their choice.  No matter what has happened, their reaction to it is a choice that they make.  Even if things don't go their way, they don't have to whine about it -- they can choose to move forward with a positive attitude.  (Whenever I talk to the kids about this, I realize that I need to listen myself!)
  In Acts, the Apostles are often preaching the Gospel, and they don't sugarcoat the messy history, that the Jews cried out for Jesus to be condemned to death.  but they don't dwell on it, and they aren't just sending people down a guilt-laden road.  They're pointing out the sin, but they're inviting all to move through it and into forgiveness, for God conquered sin through death, and all are invited into new life in Jesus Christ.  Peter and Paul are adamant that all are invited into the new covenant -- it's not only for the perfect or for those without sin in their lives.  Whoever has sinned, and whoever is guilty, that's all in the past -- the current choice is how to move forward.  Should we cling to sin, or cling to the righteousness of Christ that defeats sin and offers new life?

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