Monday, May 22, 2017

Acts 14:8-18

Acts 14:8-18
English Standard Version (ESV)

  We've been elevating our religious leaders above the status they rightfully deserve for thousands of years.  It's easier to do this, to assume they are perfect and to worship them, then to deal with the messy reality that even the best of our leaders are broken and flawed.  We aren't called to worship our leaders -- we are called to worship our Lord and Savior.  Only he is perfect, and only he can save.
  When we worship our leaders, we set them up for failure by giving them unrealistic expectations and inflating their egos.  They will disappoint us, they will let us down, because they can't live up to the standards of perfection.
  This doesn't mean you need to call your pastor and tell them they are a terrible person.  But remember that they are a sinner seeking a Savior, just as the rest of us are, and that they need companions for the journey.  It's not easier for them, and they aren't closer to God than anyone else is.  God has given them certain gifts, and they are called to use those for leadership, but they are to remember their place as well.
  So let us pray for our pastors, that they are empowered and blessed and have the presence of the Spirit to walk with them every step of the way, that they may remain humble and let the Word of God speak to them and through them.

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