Friday, July 8, 2016

John 4:39-45

John 4:39-45
English Standard Version (ESV)

  Some may believe because of our testimony.  Others, however, come to believe because they have an encounter with Christ.  They hear our invitation and they respond, coming to a new understanding of grace, of peace, of what is possible through life in Christ.  At our best, we are windows to the cross, living in such a way that our actions and words are transparent, painting a picture of love so compelling that others seek out the source of such love.
  Think about how powerful such a witness can be in the world today.  It seems as though each morning we wake to hear tragedies anew, violence ripping apart lives, families, communities.  As a society, we long for peace, and yet each day seems to draw us farther from that.  Our viewpoints on issues often divides us, and we crash into one another, ending up angry, frustrated, hopeless.
  In the midst of such a time and place, we can invite others to come and hear about a Savior who offers grace, who comes to bring peace, who selflessly serves all.  He runs to our chaos, embracing us and then sending us back into the world, so that we might transform our communities, day by day, as we seek to be ambassadors of Christ's selfless love, as we invite others to hear the Gospel of peace.

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