Wednesday, July 13, 2016

John 5:10-18

John 5:10-18
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  We were at the zoo the other week and happened to be in the African area when the cheetah run was.  It's amazing to watch the cheetah run -- they contrive a rodent on a wire and then use it to lure the cheetah into chasing it around the pit.  It could be frustrating, but they do let the cheetah catch it at the end.
  At times, that's what Christianity feels like.  Just as it feels like you're getting close to understanding what Jesus is calling you to do, it feels like the world often shifts beneath your feet and you're called deeper, once again reaching to grasp the ineffable.  Here, this man has been healed, and yet Jesus still has a charge for him, still challenges him.  Jesus isn't finished.
  And so we press on, seeking faithfulness, thankful for the moments that affirm us, always struggling to see and understand how Jesus is calling us to grow, and confidant in the love of the Father that one day we will reach the end of the chase and rest in his grace and amazing love.

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