Wednesday, July 27, 2016

John 6:41-51

John 6:41-51
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

   When we don't grasp things, we often grumble about it.  We assume that if we can't wrap our minds around it, that there must be something wrong with the idea.  We rarely accept that the problem might be within us.
  When we approach God, we must do so with humility, willing to accept that the answers are all beyond us, bigger than us.  We come as children approaching an infinite mystery, one to which we might not dare draw near were it not for the grace and love of Jesus Christ.  If we come with certainty that we already know what we need to know, then we shut our eyes to the greatness of God that dwarfs what we can see or understand.  If, however, we are willing to sit and listen, to be taught and led by Christ, and to be patient when Christ is pointing beyond what our minds, limited by time and space, can understand, then we will discover that the greatness and love of God truly will be a bottomless treasure in which we swim.
  When we begin our prayers with adoration of God for who he is, we properly assume the right position and let our hearts get carried away by the awesome  and amazing love of God.

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