Friday, July 22, 2016

John 6:22-29

John 6:22-29
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  Sometimes, Jesus gives a straight, direct answer.  Someone asks him a question, and he answers.  When someone asks exactly what God wants us to do, we hear the good news -- have faith in the one he sent.  Trust in God.  Don't place your faith in yourself or your stuff or your situation -- trust in God, place all of your faith in him.  That's your primary task.  We tend to peak around the curtain, to try and figure out what else there is, what else God wants, as though there might be some celestial bait-and-switch where we are tricked into giving God more than we should.
  No, it's simple and straightforward, and to commit oneself to it takes a lifetime, but our first task is to believe, and let the rest come as it will.  First, believe.  Put your faith in him.  He will lead us forward from the place of believe, but it is all rooted there.

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