Wednesday, July 20, 2016

John 6:10-15

John 6:10-15
Contemporary English Version (CEV)

  I love how Jesus proves a point here -- there is more than enough.  Even starting with something meager, Jesus ends with abundance.  We're often proud if we can stretch something just to cover the need, but Jesus goes so far beyond the need that there are 12 baskets left over -- what he started with was multiplied, so that through the presence and work of Jesus, there is more at the end than there is at the beginning.
  And that's the story of creation, right?  What once was is now greater through the work of Jesus Christ.  His ministry is not to simply 'get us through the tough spots', but rather it is to shower abundance upon us and lead us forward into a place far greater than we can ask or imagine.  There is life in Jesus that goes beyond your wildest expectation.
  Here, the people misunderstand Jesus' ministry.  They want him to be an earthly king, always providing for their earthly needs.  He flees from this, because he knows that our minds cannot quite grasp all that he means to us.  We want the immediate, but what is to come is much, much greater.  We have to be patient and accept this on his terms, but he promises us that our patience will be rewarded if we dedicate ourselves to a life of discipleship.

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